Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mobile Data On/Off Widget

I recently got myself a Nexus 4, and I started looking for some simple on/off widgets to compensate the lack of features of the stock 4.2 Power Control widget (which is actually unchanged since 2.2). I came from Cyanogenmod so I was used to having all the toggles I could ever need.

I was surprised that on Google Play there were no widgets made to resemble the stock Power Control widget. In particular, I was looking for a mobile data switch on/off. Working in front of a pc all day, I usually turn off mobile data when I don't need it, to save battery.

So I tried myself with this simple widget and I styled it to look neat near the holo Power Control widget. Check the screenshot below for comparison.

The widget is only a few KB, with no ads, no settings app, no icons in app drawer, only pure and simple widget. You can grab it on Google Play at this link.

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