Friday, November 4, 2011

Candy Falls!

Candy Falls is an easy yet addictive game, with easy controls. Just tilt your phone to move around and catch falling sweets, candies and cakes.

Time attack mode: you have 60 seconds to get the highest score possible. Catch cakes to chain your combo, which multiplies your score. If you get to max combo, you get 10 seconds bonus time! Catch macarons to get funny special effects!

Endurance mode: catch all candies falling from the sky, don't miss any. Game is over when you miss 10 items! Try to last the longest!

Sequence mode: coming soon!

Special credits to Motoko Su for the graphics -

Credits for the sounds goes to junggle -

Playtesting: Punkabilly

  • Lite version (free):
  • Full version (0.99$)
  • QR Code: