Monday, November 12, 2012

Candy Falls! game guide

Now that the free version of Candy Falls! has access to all 3 game modes, it's time for a complete tutorial of the game.Any comment/question is welcome!

Time attack mode 
In this game mode, you have 60 seconds to get as many falling sweets as you can. Every sweet will give you score. The goal is to get the highest score.

Falling cakes, highlighted with a pink glow, will give you a 3 second combo time if you catch them. A red bar on top of the screen will be displayed indicating this. If you get another cake during combo time, the combo multiplier will be incremented (going from 1x, 2x, until 10x). Combo multiplier doubles the score you get from every sweet you catch, and if you get to 10x combo, you will get a STOP TIME effect for 8 seconds. During this effect, the game timer will be stopped, and the 10x combo bonus will not expire. So you get extra play time, AND sweets give you ten times the normal score.

Special effects 
Falling macarons, highlighted with a blue glow, will trigger a random special effect for 8 seconds. Special effects can be positive or negative (negative effects actually appear only 25% of the times).

For a high score, try to get as many time stops as you can. Focus on getting only cakes, and when you get to combo max, try to get as many sweets as you can until time stop expires. Then go back to getting cakes.

Endurance mode 
In this game mode, sweets fall in preordered sequences, and you have to catch them all. The game gradually grows faster, and you will need good reflexes when you get to 3-4 minutes of playing. You start with 10 lives, and you will lose one every time you miss a sweet. If you get 50 sweets in a row (or multiples of 50) you get an extra life. There's also a chance you get a 8 seconds LARGE BASKET effect.

Try to stay focused and hold the phone with both hands for more sensibility. This game mode is not reccomended while moving (walking, car, train, etc)

Sequence mode 
In this game mode, a sequence of 4 sweets is displayed on the lower right corner. You need to get the current highlighted sweet, while avoiding the others. When you get all 4 sweets, you will complete the sequence and get the score. Then a new sequence will be generated. You start the game with 10 lives, and you will lose a life everytime you get a wrong sweet. When you lose a life, the current sequence will be reset and you will have to start it again.

For an high score, try to complete sequences as fast as possible. A yellow bar is displayed on top when you start a sequence; if you complete it before the yellow bar disappears (less than 12 seconds) you will get a GREAT bonus, which is 500 points. If you complete it in less than 18 seconds, you will get a NICE bonus, which is 250 points.

Before any game, you will be given the option to buy a powerup. It will be active during the next game. There are 3 types of powerup.

Coins powerup
During the next game, coins will fall among the other sweets. They will be highlighted by a yellow glow. Every coin you catch will reward you 10 coins at the end of the game.

Initial powerup
The game will be longer. If you buy this powerup, you will get more play time in time attack mode, and more lives in endurance/sequence mode. Also, this powerup can be upgraded in the "powerup upgrades" shop. Upgrades will be notified by the number of stars.

Passive powerup
There will be a bonus effect during the game. The effect is different in each of the three game modes.
  • Time attack mode: falling sweets that would bounce on the edges of your basket, will now have a 50% chance of being caught instead.
  • Endurance mode: everytime you lose a life, you will be "invulnerable" for 3 seconds. No more lives will be lost during this 3 seconds.
  • Sequence mode: everytime you catch a wrong sweet, a 1 second "safe zone" effect will be started. If you catch the right sweet during the "safe zone", you will not lose a life. If the "safe zone" ends, you will lose a life as usual.

Item shop 
When you complete a game in each mode, you will be rewarded some coins. In this item shop you can spend those coins.

Costume shop
You can buy different costumes for your character. Each costume comes with a personalized sweet, that will replace cakes in time attack mode, and will be randomly dropped in endurance and sequence modes.

Basket shop
You can buy different baskets to play with.

Powerup upgrades
Here you can pay coins to upgrade the initial powerup for the three game modes. You can buy 5 stars of each powerup, which will grant you more time in time attack mode (up to 90 seconds) and more lives in sequence/endurance mode (up to 16 lives).

High scores
The game uses the Scoreloop platform to save online scores. The first time you play the game, a popup will appear, asking if you want to enable Scoreloop capabilities. It is highly reccomended that you enable it. If you deny it, the online score system will not be activated.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Candy Falls! Live Wallpaper

Here is a little live wallpaper based upon Candy Falls!

37 different sweets and candies keep falling from the sky. If you shake your device, lots more sweets will fall.

The wallpaper is made with the brand new LibGDX live wallpaper backend.


Check out the demo video!